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“Every where we go, people wanna know: who we are, SO WE TELL THEM!”

Our Team is staffed primarily by veterans of the United States Military and those who share similar values.


Paul Huszar, CEO/President
U.S. Army – 23 years active duty (retired)
Lieutenant Colonel, Corps of Engineers
Iraq- 4 combat tours, multiple deployments worldwide To read Paul’s full biography.

Picture of Scott Walden

Scott Walden, COO 
U.S. Army – 23 years active duty (retired)
Sergeant Major, Combat Engineer
Multiple tours worldwide To read Scott’s full biography.

Scott Walden uniform

Jason Shannon, Technical Director
U.S. Air Force – 7 years active duty
Staff Sergeant, Biological Environmental Specialist
Senior Environmental Scientist for 11 years

Emily Krueger

Emily Krueger, Business Manager
U.S. Army – 5 years active duty, 5 years National Guard
Captain, Engineer
Iraq, Italy, Belgium

Emily Krueger uniform
Basil Piazza.png

Basil Piazza, Project Coordinator/Estimator
U.S. Army – 24 years active duty (retired)
Lieutenant Colonel, Engineer
Iraq, Qatar, Kuwait

Basil Piazza uniform
Zac Everheart's headshot

Zacaree  Everhart, Project Coordinator/Estimator
U.S. Air National Guard- 9 years reserve duty (currently serving)
Technical Sergeant, Aeromedical Evacuation Technician

Zacaree Everhart uniform
Dan McNeill

Dan McNeil, Project Coordinator/Estimator
U.S. Air Force – 4 years active duty
Senior Airman, Security Forces
Qatar, Iraq

air force
Scott Young 2

Scott Young, Tampa Bay Region Project Manager
U.S. Navy, 20 years active duty (retired)
Petty Officer First Class, Aviation Ordnance
Afghanistan, Iraq, Korea

Scott Young uniform
Michael Beaulieu

Mike Beaulieu, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army,  3 years active duty
Specialist, Cannon Crew Member

Mike B uniform
Alex Morales

Alex Morales, Water Damage Restoration Technician Alex is a Tampa native and was referred to us by one of our veteran teammates. He was raised with tremendous pride and respect for hard work by using the strong military values that are the standards at Vetcor. Although he has never worn the uniform, he displays the same work ethic and VetCor values as our veteran teammates.

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Billy Goff

Billy Goff, Water Damage Restoration Technician  
U.S. Navy – 8 years, active duty
Petty Officer 1st Class SW, Tactical Operations Control Operator
Central and South America, Russia, Greenland, Iceland, England,

Patrick Downing

Patrick Downing, Water Damage Restoration Technician  
Patrick is the son of the late LTC(R) Jeb Downing, a West Point classmate and former roommate of our CEO.  Patrick spent the majority of his life in and around the military culture and is a welcome addition to our team. Patrick represents the values instilled in him throughout his life as a military family member serving and sacrificing for others.

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Brandon Walcott

Brandon Walcott, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army – 3 years, active duty
Specialist, Petroleum Supply

Alexis Banks

Alexis Banks, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Navy Reserves- currently serving
Seaman Apprentice, Gunner’s Mate

Alexis Banks uniform
Earle Wilson

Earle Wilson, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army National Guard – 4 years, currently serving
Specialist, Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear Specialist

Michael Walker

Mike Walker, Gulf Coast Region Project Manager  
U.S. Marines- 20 years active duty (retired)
Gunnery Sergeant, Combat Engineer

Darren Duke

Darren Duke, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Marine Corps,  8 years active duty
Sergeant, Food Service Specialist
3 combat tours in Iraq

Darren was called to active duty so currently on a leave of absence.

Darius Cody

Darius Cody, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army,  3 years active duty
Specialist, Infantryman

Matt Howard

Matthew Howard, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Marine Corps,  4 years active duty
Lance Corporal, Tactical Switching Operator
Hawaii, Korea

Damean Bryan

Damean Bryan, Water Damage Restoration Technician
Jamaican Defense Forces,  11 years active duty


Brian Money, Southeast Florida Region Project Manager
U.S. Army, 22 years active duty (retired)
First Sergeant, Construction Supervisor
Bosnia, Korea,  3 Iraq tours

1SG Money
Richard Farabee

Richard Farabee, Water Damage Restoration Team Leader
U.S. Navy, 2 years active duty
Seaman, Quartermaster

Richard Farabee uniform
Cavin Sanders

Cavin Sanders, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army, 4 years active duty
Specialist, Medical Supply

Cavin Sanders uniform
Kevin Basso

Kevin Basso, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Army, 2 years active duty
Private, Chemical Equipment Repairer

Kevin Basso uniform
Travis Johnson

Travis Johnson, Water Damage Restoration Technician
U.S. Marine Corps, 5 years active duty
Sergeant, Infantry
2 Afghanistan tours
Purple Heart receipient

Travis Johnson uniform

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